Age Verification Policy

Our merchandise will solely be purchased and shipped to folks over the age of eighteen, in line with current United Kingdom and Northern Ireland legislation. We are required to verify the age of any new customers.
This guide explains why this can be necessary and the way we verify your age. a lot of information can even be found on our terms of service and privacy policy pages.

Why do we need to verify your age?

We know this might be frustrating, and you might be unwilling sharing your personal data. However, the law exists to shield those below a minimum age. These subsequent bodies are responsible for imposing these rules within the UK:

Department of Health & Social Care
On 1st October 2015, it became illegal for adults to shop for (or attempt to buy) tobacco product or e-cigarettes for somebody underneath eighteen.

Trading Standards
It is the responsibility of all retailers to not sell age-restricted products online to those who are underneath the minimum age.

How will we verify your age?

For age verification we have use Verifymyage, that is An industry-recognized third-party system. The system runs many checks to verify you're eighteen or over. These checks embody your credit record, the united kingdom electoral roll, and the Britain birth register.

The system carries out as few checks as attainable. within the overwhelming majority of cases, your age are often verified instantly and your Vape Deals order are shipped instantly.

What data does one need?

We verify your age with your full name, current address and the date of birth you provide once making your account. The billing address you add once buying from Vape Deals is used as your current home address. It’s vital to confirm that the billing address on your account reflects your current home address.

What if you can’t verify my age?

If we are unable to verify your age with the information you provide while making an account, you will be asked to share additional information. this can either be your driver's license number or your passport number.

If we are still unable to verify your age, we'll want you to send us a photograph of an official ID which will be checked by a member of our team.
We don't store copies of ID sent to us.

Will the age verification method have an effect on my credit score?

If you're signed up to a credit reportage service, like Experian or Equifax, you will be notified that a check has been created against your credit record. Please be assured that this is a "soft check" and has no result whatever on your credit score.